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The Doppelganger service translates between IDs of entities in third party APIs. When you query Doppelganger with an entity ID, you’ll get back IDs of that same entity in other APIs. In addition, a persistent Uberblic ID serves as an anchor for your application that you can use for subsequent queries.
Why do we link APIs? Read about that on our blog.

Service URL


API key

Sign up for the beta program on our homepage, and we’ll send you an invite and API key.





"uri" : "http://graph.uberblic.com/93cac8d6-a527-4cc6-ba27-b88559f0930d",
"services" : [
  { "reference" : "232aa640-53c5-4e54-82fc-fc74871bf7e1",
    "service_id" : "lastfm",
    "uri" : "http://www.last.fm/venue/8791157"
  { "reference" : "644dddcf-d289-4c43-84cc-7e229cfcc4c2",
    "service_id" : "gowalla",
    "uri" : "http://gowalla.com/spots/501297"
  { "reference" : "09ebdc55-1a41-48ba-8a8d-7cd7f6455bbf",
    "service_id" : "facebook",
    "uri" : "http://graph.facebook.com/74110266400"
  { "reference" : "8c8ba5dd-1538-412a-8d68-3e86c281599a",
    "service_id" : "gowalla",
    "uri" : "http://gowalla.com/spots/548156"
  { "reference" : "a0571b11-6edd-4846-a2e7-34e06d98f358",
    "service_id" : "lonelyplanet",
    "uri" : "http://api.lonelyplanet.com/api/places/359364/pois/373007"
  { "reference" : "93cac8d6-a527-4cc6-ba27-b88559f0930d",
    "service_id" : "foursquare",
    "uri" : "http://foursquare.com/venue/190036"

Data sources

Object IDs of the following data sources are currently available through this API. We will activate additional data sources soon.
Would like to see your API on this list? Contact us at hello@uberblic.com

service id namespace
facebook http://graph.facebook.com/
foursquare http://foursquare.com/venue/
geonames http://sws.geonames.org/
gowalla http://gowalla.com/
lastfm http://www.last.fm/
lonelyplanet http://api.lonelyplanet.com/api/places/
wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
yahoo http://where.yahooapis.com/v1/place/

Note: We don’t distribute any content from these data sources, but only object IDs. You’ll need to access the data providers’ APIs directly to fetch content, and for that you need to agree to their license terms.


If you use our API, please do attribute “powered by uberblic.com” in your application or service.

Rate Limits

This API is available for up to 1000 calls / day and API key. Need more? Contact us at api@uberblic.com


Email us at feedback@uberblic.com

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