Senior Technical Architect

You already know what that job takes by just reading the headline? You want to do the real tech stuff? In Berlin? Great.

What’s needed?
- Be responsible for overall architecture, infrastructure, and operations
- Be obsessed with system’s reliability, availability, scalability, efficiency, and security
- Show us that YOU are the expert in programming beautiful, efficient code in Java and Scala (C++, JavaScript as a plus)
- Help to enhance the overall design and usability of the uberblic API and take it to the next level
- Be an open team player and energize your colleagues

VP of Engineering

In love with tech and the web? Looking for a next big thing? Hands-on enough to hack it forward? Executive enough to build up and lead a whole team of engineers? You bring out the best in people, you communicate with clarity, and you inspire others? Believe that Web startups need a strong tech DNA? Here is your job.

What’s needed?
- Bring solid experience and foresight to ramp up and lead a pack of skilled software engineers
- Have the agility and the drive in an ever-changing, uncertain environment: the web
- Bring intense knowledge about cloud infrastructure, software system architecture, and web trends in general
- Have a knack for the web of linked data, developer APIs, and developer usability
- Talent for handling the whole software lifecycle, agile project management, and most of all people

Software Developer

Huh? You read our mission about “One API To Link Them All” and you love it? You always wanted to sit on the other side, developing an API that developers love? Here is your chance.

What’s needed?
- Eagerness to brainstorm, design, and implement new features for our target audience: other developers
- Eagerness to take and enhance our existing uberblic APIs
- Skills to do it in Java/Scala
- Experience in machine learning, information retrieval and/or distributed computing is a large plus
- Real-world programming experience beats theoretical knowledge. You need to show us that you get stuff done
- Have fun and enjoy challenges, start-up work and life

Open Source tech we use:
- Mysql, Lucene/Solr, akka, Hadoop, Mahout, Voldemort

Interface Designer

Part of our job is to show our clients and the world what new kind of applications become possible when using data from around the Web. We are looking for an interface designer and developer who likes to push the envelope. Is that you?

What’s needed?
- Strong interface & user experience design skills
- The means to actually implement the apps you design. For screens from large to small, touch and other
- You speak HTML5 and JavaScript, even at night
- Interaction design is part craft, part art. You can juggle with that.

Internships: Engineering/Product/Marketing/Business Development

No matter where you want to get your hands dirty, on our software core, our product roadmap, our marketing approach, or on our business plan in general – you choose. We believe in your sturm and drang attitude, challenge us! We will offer you a fast-paced startup coming with a thrilling learning curve.

Interested? Apply now!

Apply for any of the positions above by sending your CV and if possible work samples to Your desired position is not listed above, but you know that we’ll be a more successful company with you on board? Tell us why that is, and we’ll create the job for you.
Send us products you built, code you wrote, apps you designed, campaigns you made, whatever. We like to look at real stuff, because we like the people who accomplish it.

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